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The definition of strategy on Wikipedia is a long term action plan designed to achieve a specific goal, often winning. Strategy is different from tactics ir short term actions by its characteristics of premeditation and often times consistently rehearsed. Click here for the complete Wikipedia definition of strategy.

Poker, or better yet Texas Holdem Poker or better yet, Online Texas Holdem Poker can easily be defined as the most popular poker game in casinos and poker card rooms around the world. Online Texas Holdem is poker game using community cards, meaning each player uses a combination of the five community cards. Each player is dealt two hole cards that are used in combination with the five community cards to make the strongest poker hand.
Please visit the "How to Play Texas Holdem" or "Texas Holdem Rules" section of this website for more information.

Since each player holds two cards and there are 5 shared cards Texas Holdem is an excellent game for strategic analysis and mathematical strategy. Holdem simplicity and its recent promotion and television exposure has make it one of the most popular poker games and have led to the publishing of many poker strategy books, poker strategy videos and poker strategy websites that provide players with the strategic tools required to succced at Texas Holdem.

In this poker strategy section of this website you will find many sections dealing with strategic aspects of Poker but more sepcifically Texas Holdem. A summary of each poker strategy category will follow:

  • Online Poker Strategy
  • Tournament Poker Strategy
  • Sit N Go Poker Strategy
  • Cash Game Strategy
  • Beginner Poker Strategy
  • Advanced Poker Strategy
  • Bankroll Management Strategy
  • No Limit Holdem Strategy

  • Each of thees sections are aimed at helping you develop all areas of your poker game as well as developing a strategy for poker as a whole. If poker is a hobby or some day you intend to make a career out of playing poker for a living you will eventually need to develop a strategy in order to succeed in the long run.