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Poker Fish Finder, find fishy players.
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Use any of these poker fish finders to find and track the loosest poker tables and loosest poker players. There are many different poker fish tracking tools available to help you find and exploit fishy players online.

A poker fish can be defined as a bad or weak poker player who often calls when they should not and often looses a lot of money. Experienced poker players use poker fish finder software to help them quickly identify which players are weak and which players are strong. Once a player has been identified as a fish experienced poker players also use fish tracking software to tell them exactly which online poker room and which table the fishy player is sitting at. Using these tools experienced poker players can find and exploit players more quickly. Player tracking software is a great investment for any poker player.

Some fish finder software will also profile different tables to let you know which tables are loose and which tables are strong, this is most useful in cash games as you can select which table you play at. Cash fish finders will show you the average pot size as well as the number of players who see a flop, good indicators of how loose a cash game table is.

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There are many railbirds out there who love to watch the biggest pots being pushed across the virtual poker tables. If you’re one of them, visit PokerListings’ market pulse poker stats section. There, you can see all thousand-dollar pots in all poker rooms as well as lists of the biggest winners at full tilt poker, Poker Stars and other major online poker sites.

Try out this poker fish tracker from Poker Edge. Enter a poker players name into the fish tracker and find out how good the player is. This service gives you the ability to get poker player history on any player, find out quickly if you are the player is a fish or a poker shark. Use this tool to minimize your losses against poker sharks and increase your pots against poker fish.