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A poker bankroll strategy or poker bankroll management is a key element of being a successful poker player or more suited a profitable poke player. Many poker players manage their poker bankrolls differently but all consist of some important strategic elements to their poker bankroll management strategy.

Solid poker bankroll management is one of the most important elements of poker and when you give bankroll management a shot it will be one of the toughest lessons you will learn. Solid bankroll management requires a penalty and knowing your limits, bankroll management is a skill very few players master as a poker player really needs to know when to quit.

Poker Bankroll Strategy Tips: How to build your poker bankroll.

1. No matter how much money you have start playing poker at the lowest levels available on the Internet. Poker Stars has some great micro limit poker games such as .01/.02 or .02/.05 no-limit poker. Most of you may be able to afford playing at higher levels you won't learn any faster playing against tougher poker players. Start building your bankroll on Poker Stars miro limit tables today.