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Welcome to Poker Pimpz. The Poker Pimpz team is here to help you learn poker and become a better, more profitable poker player. Not all of us are going to spend 16 hours a day playing online poker for a living or traveling the world playing high stakes poker games. For most of us poker is a hobby, a passion that may someday let us strike it rich. Poker Pimpz is going to help you build your poker skills and give you an understanding of all aspects of poker, how to win at poker, and provide you with information and poker tools that will make you a better, more prepared, and ultimately profitable poker player.

Many of you have turned on your television and watched the World Series of Poker, or a WPT event, it seems there are always poker events on TV. You sit watching, thinking "I play poker, I play with my friends, how do I get from here to there?" Simple answer is... You don't! Poker is like anything else where very few achieve the elite status of a professional poker player, let alone a professional poker player at a final table on TV. Well then if its so hard, why bother? Like anything else poker takes practice and as long as your mind is sound you can play for as long as you as you can click a mouse or say the words "All In". Athletes get old, poker players get wiser.

We at Poker Pimpz play poker just like you, and want to play better every time. Who doesn't! We are strong believers in responsible gaming. Bet what you can afford, its a hobby, fun and entertainment.

So you have questions, everyone does... Where do I play? How do I sign-up? Is it safe? Is it rigged? Ae all poker sites the same? Many questions that we will answer for you.

Poker Pimpz is committed to helping you understand all aspects of online poker, the differences in online poker rooms, poker strategy, poker rules, how to manage your bankroll, software than can help you improve your game and more.

Understand that for every winner there are many losers in poker. Learn the rules, how to play, basic strategy, and you will over time become a winner.

In upcoming editions we will help you learn about the rules, what different sites offer, how to make money, define yourself as a poker player, where to learn about strategies for successful poker play, and how to get an advantage, and use it!