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Holdem Manager poker Hud user, DWarrior has customized his Hud display and replaced almost all of the elements with his own. DWarrior has also included the configurations for download as well as graphics so that you can customize your poker Hud as well. Click here for details on poker hud configuration.
Poker-Edge also offers poker hud software that will dramatically help you increase your profits by stalking your opponents play.The Poker edge software will give you access to millions of poker players strengths and weakness' while you are playing.

Featured above is Poker-Edge's "Heads Up Display" (HUD) that automatically recognizes your opponents and overlays their key statistics next to their name at the table! An icon is also displayed showing their player type (fish, shark, etc).

This is a closeup of the poker HUD. Each poker player's key stats are shown in the black box. This player has been classified as a "Calling Station" and a Telephone Icon has been placed above his name.

Poker Player Stats Tracking Software
Stalk Your Opponents with Poker-Edge
(See Left, Front) Auto Lookup feature helps you find the soft profitable tables. Weak players are color coded green and tough players are colored red.
(See Left, Back) View any player's detailed stats in Poker-Edge's Main window. Know your opponent's playing style, strengths, and weaknesses for every round of betting. Filter by different stakes and game types. Gain an Edge by knowing everything about your competition.
Spot the Fishiest Tables and Read Your Opponents