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Poker hot key scripts, auto hot key scripts, poker hot keys
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I have found a great auto hotkey script for Poker Stars, very simple and easy to use.

Once you install this stars autohotkey script you will be able configure it so that you can use keys on your keyboard to replace your mouse when trying to act at the Poker Stars tables.

Poker Pro Labs
Stars Auto Hotkey Script Features

Fold Auto Hotkey
Check/Call AutoHotkey
Raise Auto Hotkey
All In Auto Hotkey
Increase Bet 25% Auto Hotkey
Decrease Bet 20% Auto Hotkey
Increase Bet 50% Auto Hotkey
Decrease Bet 33% Auto Hotkey
Bet X times the big blind Auto Hotkey
Send cursor to bet box Auto Hotkey
Fold to Any Bet Auto Hotkey
Sit out next hand Auto Hotkey
Sit out on all tables Auto hotkey
Open hand history window Auto hotkey
Save hand history Auto hotkey
Rebuy for full amount Auto hotkey
Tile tables Auto hotkey
Cascade tables Auto hotkey

Poker Pro Labs

The auto hotkey script for Poker Stars can be downloaded here.

I have tested this hotkey script for Poker Stars and it works well just be careful not to make the hot keys too simple as you will end up hitting one by accident if you are doing something else or chatting. Good luck with the hotkey script.

I also have found some Full Tilt auto hot key software that works very well. To get started with the Full Tilt hot key poker software use the following instructions and links.
1. Download the auto hot key software from 2. Download the Full Tilt hot key script here.

When you open the FullTilt.ahk file, AutoHotKeys will start and you will see a green "H" in your tray. When your Full Tilt table window is in focus you can activate the "Check or Fold" button by pressing the F1 hotkey
F2 hotkey will move and click the "Call" button or "Show hand".
F3 hotkey will move and click the "Raise" button.
Pressing "ESC" will move to the bet size window and double click it so you can type a bet amount before hitting the F3 hotkey.
You can also get more details on the Full Tilt auto hot key script in the Full Tilt poker forums here.
Full Tilt poker also has some auto hot keys of their own.
CTRL+T hotkey will pop-up a window where you can enter the ID of the desired poker tournament
CTRL+R autohot key will allow you to quickly find the tournaments you are registered in
CTRL+D auto hotkeys will allow you to quickly find how much time is left in your disconnect protect time bank.
CTRL+M hot key will toggle muck on and off CTRL+B hotkeys will allow you to quickly display bet amounts while you are playing
CTRL+P auto hot key will display the pot total
CTRL+S autohot key will open up the cashiers screen

You can use the new hotkeys for Full Tilt poker when you are in the lobby or at a table, this is another great reason why playing at Full Tilt poker is a great experience. If you have not tried Full Tilt yet, click here to play poker for free.