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Who is Team Poker Pimpz?

We are poker players just like 99% of you. We are educated, employed, have lives, and play poker part time because we love the excitement, challenge, and want to improve. We play part time, 20-40 hours a week online, and occasionally at casinos and private games. We have played thousands of sit and gos, satellites, and tournaments. We have taken down tourneys, and have also sucked out hands. We play to learn poker and hopefully make money playing. We have found tools to help us with our poker skills, and increase and manager our bankrolls. We want to help you with your game, and help you find the information you need to be a better poker player, and maybe make money with your hobby.

Who are we individually?

mrmike_ott is one screen name mainly on Poker Stars. I have played poker online for 7 years. I started with play money and learned poker there, then switched to money tables. I have played in thousands of sit and gos, many different satellites and play about 25 tourneys a week. I play small stakes games, mainly $1-$10 games. I play all the games available, Holdem, Limit, Omaha, razz, stud, and have final tabled at all games at one level or another. I play satellites because of the payouts to finance my tourney play, and also use other online tools to finance play. I money almost 25% of the tourneys i play in. In 2007 I made two WCOOP final events, the main event, $2600 buy in, and also the pot limit Holdem 6 handed $350 final. Both were achieved without spending a cent!